Courses and Classes Overview

Hospitality courses cover a broad range of skills and generally culminate in an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, but master’s degree and certificate programs are also available. Courses in hospitality prepare students for careers in travel, tourism, and related services, which is one of the largest industries in the U.S.

Essential Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, service occupations in hospitality make up two-thirds of the workforce. Students who are interested in becoming part of this large labor sector can enroll in courses, certificate programs, and degree programs in this field. Class requirements for hospitality studies typically include training in accounting, marketing and business systems, property and human resource management, and labor and liquor laws.

Our Hospitality Programs

Hospitality and Tourism

Marketing Management

This course provides students an introductory overview of the hospitality and tourism industry. Classes may include discussions on conventions, expositions, restaurants and lodging establishments. Students are also introduced to the administrative aspects of hospitality, including management, human resources, and general marketing subjects.

Hospitality marketing courses usually involve instruction in advertising, marketing trends in hospitality and tourism, human resources and hospitality management skills. Coursework may also cover competitor and customer analysis, advertising and promotion planning. Students may be required to participate in a group project that involves creating a viable marketing plan for a specific hospitality business.

Property Management

Accounts & Control

Students must usually take some form of accounting or management coursework prior to enrolling in the property management course. Property management in hospitality and tourism coursework includes instruction in the planning and development of hospitality facilities. Income generation, real estate economics, project development, asset management, lease contracts, and space planning are also generally covered in this course.

Managerial accounting and controls for the hospitality industry are examined in this class, in addition to accounting software applications. Students learn about pricing strategies in hospitality, marketing skills, trends in hospitality, travel packaging and analytical processes in pricing. Students may participate in lectures as part of this course, and group projects involving pricing or bookkeeping for the hospitality industry are sometimes required.